G-Play is a blockchain based gaming platform designed to give power to the gamers. Users battle in online games staking their crypto: Winning large returns.

G-Play nft collectionS for everyone

"Every person that's watching this right now that is lucky enough to be alive in 15 years will own multiple things digitally." - GARY VAYNERCHUK

Our games


Everybody loves the idea of playing games to earn rewards. I mean, why else would so many people be doing it? You should join them, G-play enables you to stake polygon against friends/family/ or the world and battle online in a decentralize fashion, no stupid withdrawl thresholds , wait times , or staking limit. Let your skills earn for you. The platform will host dozens of tried and true classic at first and quickly build to large complex games all following a escrow protocol. Let me explain,

(1) As previously stated G-play follows a escrow protocal, both users stake equal amoughts before the game begins lets say 100 MATIC

(2) Onces both sides crypto hit our smart contract summing up to 200 MATIC the game starts

(3) Finally when a player wins the smart contract automatically pays out each their own: Winner (85%) G-play (10%) NFT royalties (5%)

More to Come!

G-play will be the Epicenter of skill based P2E games as we keep build we will update you on all games that come out. For now you can get involved playing T.T.T here



G-Play is redesigning the P2E model and lowering the barrier to entry for crypto games!


G-Play will foucs on building classic games first, games such as chess , checkers or Tic-Tac-Toe games loved by billions of gamers across the world

AA AND AAA games Second

G-play will begin with simple, skill based games and will eventually develop more complex games and allow indie games to integrate on the platform making GPlay the Epicenter for P2E skill based gaming

Blockchain Last

As G-Play's platform continues we will work to remove blockchain related complexies associated with our games and let gamers have what they came for, gaming and profit.


G-Play Timeline

Q1 2021
  • Conception
  • Initial prototype proof of concept
  • Initial Website Design, Whitepaper traction.
  • 100 demo user
Q2 2021
Q1 2022
  • G-play muliplayer MVP development begins
  • G-Play incorporation
  • Advisors onboarding
Q1 2022
  • G-play muliplayer MVP done
  • Chess game development begins
  • NFT, Website and discord promotion
  • Coin design begins
Q3 2022
  • Initial MVP User Base
  • NFT raise complete
  • ICO/IBCO/IDO Coin drop
  • More games development begins
Q4 2022
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap CoinGecko, Blockfolio etc
  • Crypto exchanges listing
  • Get out of Jail NFTs
  • Large community love gaming tournaments free crypto


Looking for answers?

What are the NFT's utility?

Our NFTs yield their holders passive income on games played on the platform. 24 hours a day 365 days per year, you will have to mint to get part of the action.

Will there be more NFTs?

Yes! G-play will have multiple NFT types, some for all games some for a few, more to come.

How can we buy your NFTs?

NFT's are not available for sell yell. Mint date will be announced.

Who are the team behind the project?

The Original team consists of two long time friends and gamers uniting after high school graduation to solve a problem close to their hearts. The lack of an easy straightforward way to earn while playing games. Put simply gamers suffer from the inability to derive real value from the games they spend countless of their hours. Since then the team has grown.